Green Alliance Africa

Natural Resources Management

Natural resources are often characterised by amounts of biodiversity existent in various ecosystems. All over the world there is need to redouble efforts to sustainably manage the existing natural resources. The need is even more acute in Sub Saharan Africa countries such as South Sudan. GAA  pursues various interventions to ensure sustainable resource management in South Sudan to guarantee high quality of livelihoods.   

The organisation pursues interventions to restore ecosystems and thus preserve biodiversity in various regions in South Sudan. This involves planting of trees, soil conservation and other environmental conservation strategies. These interventions are meant to check the adverse effects of climate change being experienced in the world today. The organisation will also pursue carbon financing models .

The organisation encourages and support use of renewable energy through improvised cooking jikos, use of solar for cooking and lighting as well as use of biogas. Despite South Sudan being an oil rich country most household do not have access to oil and electricity thus the need to encourage adoption of various renewable sources of energy.

The organisation undertakes waste resource management and recycling. The organisation invests in research and undertakes waste management and recycling of the oil production process. The organisation also advocates for best practices in the waste management with the oil production process. The organisation encourages and supports youth groups in garbage collection and disposal/recycling as well as teach women on how to make briquettes from waste such as charcoal dust and papers.