Green Alliance Africa

Enterprise Development and Eco-Agriculture Sustainable Landscapes

1.   Value chain development

The organisation develops sustainable integrated value chains in agriculture and among entrepreneurs. Our approach is broader and goes beyond the spefic value chain. We look at a farming system model of the small holder producers. The organisation works in horticulture, indigenous poultry and traditional crops productive value chains. Farmers will be supported with trainings and capacity across the value chain from feasibility, land preparation, seeds, inputs, harvest, post harvest and marketing. In the horticulture sectors the organisation works with stakeholders in values chains including chilies, Irish potatoes, indigenous vegetables and vegetables for export such as fresh beans.

The organisation will also develop and improve the fruit farming value chain with fruits such as passion, water melon, mango and oranges being a key target. The organisation will also develop and improve poultry farming value chain with interest in indigenous chicken, ducks and other birds. The organisation will also strengthen and improve the traditional tubers value chain where sweet potatoes, ginger and cassava will be addressed. The organisation also develops the traditional cereals value chain with millet, indigenous beans, green grams, maize, local beans, cow peas and sorghum being addressed.

2.  Business Development services

The organisation provides business development services to enhance productivity of individuals and groups. These include intensive training and capacity building for small scale producers, small and micro entrepreneurs and SMES on GAPS, business plan, farming as a business, financial literacy, organic agriculture, climate change, soil management, pest intergrated management systems, value addition, marketing among other topics.

3.  Private Sector driven Market Development services

The organisation engages in private sector driven market development services where it links small scale producers to organized markets. The organisation assists and builds capacity of small scale producers on collective production, bulking, packing and marketing. The organisation advocates and supports collectivism in farming value chains to enhance the bargaining powers of small scale producers in purchasing inputs and seeds as well as when marketing their produce.

The organisation is also working towards mainstreaming of agrifood trade and taking steps to sustainably address the informal food system which exists. The organisation seeks to ensure high quality, safe and nutritious foods are sold. The organisation also supports value addition initiatives to local produce for better returns. The organisation also lobbies for an enabling market and policies.