Green Alliance Africa

What we do.

  1. Natural Resources management
  • Biodiversity, Ecosystem, enviromeneteal conservation and climate change.
  • Renewable energy—cooking stove jikos, Solar, Biogas
  • Waste Resource Management and recycling-brickets making
  • Carbon financing.
  1. Intergrated Financial services
  • Provision of credit and savings-Agricultural and business loans like Input financing, working capacity, market loans through individuals and groups
  • Financial literacy, record keeping and governcae training and capacity development.
  • Farmer led experimentation
  •  Promoting self financing
  • Increasing awareness through farmer promoter networks
  •  Creating locally managed credit and investment programs
  1. Enterprise development and Eco agriculture sustainable land scopes

 1.     Value chain development

    • Horticulture- Chilies, Irish potatoes, Amarathans, local vegetables, export vegetables e.g. fresh beans.
    • Fruits-Passion, water melon, mango and oranges
    • Poultry-Local chicken  and ducks
    • Traditional crops-Sweet potatoes, cow peas, cassava, millet, sorghum.
    • Cereals-Local beans, Ndengu, maize, local beans, ginger

 2.     Business Development services

    • Training and capacity building for small scale producers, small and micro entrepreneurs and SMES on GAPS, business plan, farming as a business, financial literacy, organic agriculture, climate change, soil management, pest intergrated management systems, value addition.

 3.     Private Sector driven Market Development services.

    • Linking small scale producers to market to organized market-Collective production, bulking, packing and marketing.
    • mainstream’ agrifood trade- Informal food system
    • Value addition to local product for better market price
    • Barging power for small scale producers
    • Enabling market and policies.